How To Run A Successful Laundromat

Managing and running a laundromat is more difficult than most people think even if it is completely automated. You need to take care of many details that customers might never see or appreciate directly. Here is how to run a successful laundromat.

Clean the Establishment Daily

Running a successful laundromat means cleaning the establishment on a daily basis. You need the place to be sanitary and pristine for people to feel comfortable. Cleaning two to three times a day is really the best idea whether you do it yourself or hire a service.

Empty Machines and Reconcile Books Every Day

Empty the coins and cash from the machines in your laundromat every day. Set aside time to count and record everything. Reconcile you books daily. Do not wait to empty machines or leave your accounting for the end of the week. That could lead to problems and mistakes.

Check and Maintain Equipment Once A Week

Inspect the washing machines and other equipment in the laundromat once a week. You should schedule professional maintenance for even the smallest problems. Never allow your equipment to start malfunctioning or break down during the day.

Give Customers A Way to Contact You and Respond Promptly

Around 200,000 new business start each year. Customer service is critical for every single one. Give customers a way to contact you if the laundromat is automated. Respond promptly and honestly to all communications. This will help to build customer trust and loyalty.

Focus on Safety

Ensure the laundromat is always safe. People will not come back to a laundromat that does not feel safe. Maintain bright lights both inside and outside the establishment. You will also want to have functional security cameras covering the entire property.

Work On Marketing Every Month

You need to work on marketing for the laundromat every month. Keep putting out advertisements in local outlets. Think about creating promotions or holding special events to attract new business. Partner with nearby stores to reach new people. Utilize social media and local search engine marketing. Your business will grow this way.

Check the Competition and Keep Prices Competitive

Average families do around 400 loads of laundry annually. You need to keep your prices competitive to attract those families to your laundromat. Regularly go around to competing laundromats and check what is happening inside. If your prices seem to be much lower than the average, then raise them a little to help your laundromat remain profitable.

Expand or Change to Meet the Demands of Customers

Look at the issues your customers face during an average day. Expand or change to meet the demands of customers. This could mean adding more dryers or change machines. You might want to install a television or vending machines. Responding to customer demands will help your laundromat to be successful.