How to Select the Best Location for Your Laundromat

The success of any laundromat today is reliant on the location. If you choose the wrong location, then your laundromat will never attract customers and might fail. You need to know what to look for. Here is how to select the best location for your laundromat.

Low Number of Competing Laundromats

The first thing to look for is a location that has a low number of competing laundromats. You optimally want to be a few miles from the next nearest establishment. You do not want to be within walking distance of more than one or two other laundromats. This will help to increase your customer base.

Near People Who Need Laundry Services

You need to be near the demographic of people who generally go to laundromats. You want to be as close to as many of the 24.5 million apartment buildings in the country as possible. You want to look for areas where the median income is on the lower side. Try to be close to large residential areas instead of commercial ones.

Close To Parking and Public Transportation

You want a location where people can easily find parking at any time of the day. You also want to be near bus, subway or train stations since about 5 percent of people use public transportation today. You will get far more customers if accessing your laundromat is simple and convenient.

Complementary Services Nearby

Look at any other stores in the nearby area. You will do better if there are complementary services nearby. This means things like coffee shops, general stores or restaurants. Choosing a location in a small open-air shopping center or strip mall is a good idea. The other businesses give customers something to do while waiting for the laundry to finish.

Affordable Lease

Look at several possible locations and compare the details of the leases. You must choose a location that has an affordable lease. If the cost is too high, then you might never turn a profit. You must balance the price of the lease with the size of the space and the potential of the surrounding neighborhood.

Spacious Interior with Sectioned-Off Private Areas

You should look for a location that has a spacious interior with clearly sectioned-off private areas. You need areas that can be secured and protected against the public. You need those spaces to store supplies, maintain an office and house extra equipment. Additionally, check the condition of the outlets and wiring since you will be relying on them heavily.

High Visibility

The final thing to look for is high visibility. You want to be in a location where the laundromat is clearly visible from a distance and not hidden behind a group of buildings. Visibility is key when you first open since it is how you will draw in a large amount of initial foot traffic.