The Benefits of Mobile Platform Ladders

From the time man needed to work on an elevated space, we’ve looked for ways to do this starting with the old trusty wooden ladder. Times have changed and our ladders are now made from fiberglass. But what about when we have to work with greater loads, needing more workspace and needing better protection?

Enter the mobile platform ladder.

There’s a time for a regular work ladder.
And there’s a time for a mobile platform ladder.

Unlike regular ladders, mobile platform ones have a larger work area enclosed in safety guardrails with gradually inclined steps covering an extended larger base depth usually with self-locking wheels called casters at the front end.

When do people choose to use a mobile platform ladder?

You see them in warehouses when stockmen need to load, unload or keep inventory.

You see them beside open bed truck platforms with people loading or unloading goods.

And you see them in factory floors for maintenance that covers painting work, repair of aircraft and machines.

There are four benefits that come with using a mobile platform ladder.

More Work Space

With a larger elevated working space on a mobile platform, ease of motion and freedom of movement are possible, more so than on a regular ladder.

The mobile platform ladder allows you to move around so much more, giving you better, easier reach.

Feels More Secure

The mobile platform ladder has a sturdier frame with thicker rails and steps. It’s supposed to bear four times its own weight by design and by an agreed industrial standard. And with a greater base depth, this gives you a better feeling of solid footing, handling and holding. It certainly will give you peace of mind when you have to bring up heavier equipment or tools on the work platform.

Better Climbing Safety

Mobile platform ladders have handrails and guardrails that add more safety when being on it. It keeps you working securely on the work platform, going up to it or down. One less thing to think about when there’s work to be done.

Easy To Move Around

Typically, there are two heavy duty casters working as legs. This makes it easy to move the ladder around on the work floor. Moving it is as simple as slightly lifting the whole ladder by the handrails, enough to angle the weight moving it forward and around easily.

The mobile platform ladder gives you more workspace, better feeling of security, better climbing safety and ease to move around. It’s what a regular aluminum ladder can’t give you. A solution to a bigger workload on a bigger work floor.