The Importance of Thanking Military Veterans

Military Veterans come from all walks of life, and for all of those who have served our country or have taken part in any service to defend and honor our country, the most beautiful gift we can give back to our proud and courageous defenders can sometimes be a simple “thank you”.

The era or timeframe of the person can make a huge difference, so it can sometimes be challenging on knowing just how to approach a person that has served. There have been those who were drafted into service, and others who have volunteered. That can make a huge difference in the way a person may respond to a gesture of thanks, as well as what that person may have experienced during their time in service.

Different points of view may come into the minds of military personnel when being thanked for their service. For instance, when researching studies with mental health professionals, many different perspectives have come to light when the subject of trying to thank a military veteran. Some professionals have reported that when being thanked for serving, it sets off a sort of trigger for some, bringing back bad memories and flashbacks of experiences that a person would rather forget. However, in other instances, many are very grateful for a person to thank them for their service and there are many ways to do so.

By simply stating the phrase “Thank You” you let a veteran know they are appreciated. The acknowledgement is something that can go a long way. Additionally, there are many other ways that people can thank our treasured veterans. Getting involved in any community event is a great way to show respect.

Some great resources to investigate helping veterans can start by contacting your local Veterans Assistance Program. There is one in every community, and help can be served in many ways. The best way to repay our fallen heroes and those who are still alive is to give back. Food and clothing, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, companionship, and so many other needs is a wonderful way to show appreciation for our vets.. The point is to get involved and find out what you can do to donate or give your heartfelt time into helping in any way you can.

Whatever your talents are, or any contribution that you can make goes much further than the standard “than you for your service to our country.” Working directly with individuals who desperately need companionship, perhaps a ride to a doctor’s appointment, maybe help with adjustment back to a civilian life; all of these examples are so crucial to veterans and so overlooked by many.

The best thing we can all do is enhance the quality of life for the people who have sacrificed so much for us. There are many rewards that will follow for our veterans, and us as well. Peace of mind for our heroes that they know they are being taken care of, and they matter and are loved. And for civilians, that we are doing our duty for our country by taking gentle and loving care of our military veterans in every way possible.