The Most Expensive Crowns in Royal History

4 Of The Most Expensive Crowns Throughout The Kingdoms
The subject of royalty is often laced in, history, scandal, and all things luxurious. All over the world, royal families have adorned themselves in lavish clothing and jewels, but when it comes to their crowns, no other accessory can compare. It’s no surprise that crown jewels come with a hefty price, but these monarchs display the most expensive of them all.

1. The Crown of King Christian IV

Between the years 1595 and 1596, this extravagant crown was crafted by Didrik Fyren of Odense Denmark for the coronation of Christian IV. The crown is made of gold, pearls, and table-cut gemstones, weighing a total 6.3 pounds. Much symbolism went into the making of this crown, including a “pelican in her piety” and a tribute of Fortitude riding on the back of a lion. The heavy crown was worn for the last time during the coronation of Frederick III in 1648. It is a part of the Danish Crown Regalia.

2. Crown of the King of Bavaria

Although Bavaria is the one of the oldest places in Europe, it wasn’t recognized as a kingdom until 1806. In celebration of this huge milestone, the crown of the king was crafted to dazzle monarchs throughout all the kingdoms. The golden crown is studded with diamonds, emeralds, pearls, and rubies. It was later enhanced with Wittelsbach diamond. Its total worth is estimated to be a whopping $17 million.

3. Imperial Crown of Austria

The Imperial Crown of Austria is arguably to most luxurious of them all. Its striking design has inspired envy in hearts of many for hundreds of years. It was originally worn by Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II during his reign in the early 1600s. This crown is encrusted with 36K Wittelsbach diamonds set in white enamel. The estimated worth of this crown is around $18 million.

4. St. Edward’s Crown of the United Kingdom

The Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom are the world’s most famous set of royal accessories. The entire collection consists of heirlooms such as robes and scepters, but St. Edward’s Crown stands above them all. Named after Edward the Confessor, it is the centerpiece among the coronation regalia. Crafted in 1661, it is made of gold and embellished with 444 precious stones including amethysts, topazes, and garnets. It is the most expensive crown in the world and worth $39 million.