The Top Cigars to Try for Beginners

There are few pleasures in life that compare to the enjoyment of relaxing with a fine cigar. The sublime complexities of taste and the rich aromas provide an epicurean experience that can be savored in much the same way as an excellent wine. For those newly introduced to this luxurious leisure activity, the myriad options presented by a well-stocked humidor can be somewhat daunting, so it is wise to examine some basic considerations before making that important selection. Cigars vary in shape, size, strength and flavor, making the exploration of different brands and types a delicious and gratifying adventure. Here are a few examples of outstanding options for the beginner to sample.

Montecristo No.1
This famous cigar hails from the Dominican Republic and is on the mild side. It’s medium strength, six inches long, has a ring size of 44 and a Lonsdale shape. For novices, the ring size refers to the thickness and is based on a 64th of an inch, so a ring size of 44 means 44/64th of an inch. A mellow, nutty and complex taste give this cigar a classic, smooth, medium flavor easily enjoyed by anyone.

Ashton Corona
Another Dominican cigar, this one is crafted in the Corona shape, is five and a half inches long with a ring size of 44. This is a mild, medium strength cigar that is well made and smooth, making it a perfect choice for beginners. Delicious and engaging with hints of cedar and vanilla.

Punch London Club
A smooth yet spicy Panatela shaped cigar from Honduras, it’s five inches long with a ring size of 40. Robust and full flavored, this is slightly stronger than the previous two with an excellent range of flavor that is spicy, yet not overpowering.

Acid Blondie
This Nicaraguan Petite Corona is smaller than those previously mentioned – it’s four inches long with a ring size of 38. This is an infused cigar, meaning that it’s wrapper has been infused with flavor. Sweet and mild, this medium strength cigar has a slight citrus flavor and is easily enjoyed.

Romeo y Julieta Vintage No. II
A blend of Dominican and Brazilian tobaccos gives this medium strength, Corona Gorda shaped cigar a balanced flavor with notes of cedar and cashew. It’s six inches in length with a ring size of 46 and is complex, yet not overpowering.

The best way to begin the journey towards developing a sophistication of taste is to visit a local cigar shop with a knowledgeable proprietor. He or she will be able to act as a guide and mentor, steering the beginner in the direction of high quality and sensible choices that will facilitate the evolution of the palate and the enjoyment of this enriching pastime.