Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends for Children

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year. It’s when the grass finally starts coming back after that long winter. It’s when the trees and the bushes start forming those beautiful little buds. Bees are buzzing. Flowers are blooming. And animals are finally coming out of hibernation. It’s a time of new beginnings, and it is a time of beauty. If you are sick of those boring winter trends that you’ve been wearing for the last few months, then spring is definitely a time for fashion as well.

And fashion trends for spring aren’t only just for adults. Your kids can take advantage of knowing the best spring fashions as well.

1. Gingham Checks

Gingham is a classic material and pattern for young kids. Whether you have little boys or little girls, gingham always looks adorable and is a fresh and clean style for the beautiful days of spring. Choose a small jacket made of blue and white gingham for your little boy, or try pink gingham on a jumper dress for your little girl.

2. Bohemian Flare

Who says adults are the only ones who can be Bohemian? Your child can also take advantage of this fun fashion style by incorporating some of the classic Bohemian pieces into their wardrobes. For example, try long, chunky scarves for days that are a little bit colder but still spring, or try a big, floppy hat for any kids who are willing to wear one.

3. Sailor Chic

Sailor chic refers to the navy, white and gold styles that you may have seen in recent years. A cute little sailor outfit always looks good on a baby, but these styles cat even keep going into childhood too. Many people love the French sailor look of a basic long sleeved T-shirt with thick or thin white and navy stripes. Khaki pants or a khaki skirt and boat shoes are also a great look for a nice spring day.

4. Pastels

What would spring be without pastels? Pastels are what many people immediately think of when they think of springtime. Baby blue, soft pink, gentle green and light yellow are the colors that define this beautiful season, and wearing them in your clothing is a great way to convey the brightness of the time of year. Kids look great in all colors, but pastels seem to always make them look especially angelic.

5. Lace and Embroidery

This fashion trend for kids harkens back to older days when aunties and grandmas were knitting lace and embroidering skirts and dresses. If you want to venture out on your own to do some embroidering, hand done embroidery can look super sweet. Otherwise, look for both pieces that incorporate either beautiful fine lace or some fun floral embroidery for spring.