Top Wedding Color Trends for Spring 2016

If you are getting married this spring 2016, there is certainly a lot of planning to do! Aside from your wedding dress, the reception, the cake, the invitations and all the rest of it, you also have to pick out what colors you will want to go with your theme.

If you haven’t already picked out the theme colors for your wedding, there are tons of trends to pick from this spring that are super fun and stylish.

1. Off-white for the bride

Most people think that the bride has to be completely stark white in her gown, but this isn’t necessarily true. Many brides are choosing off-white, beige, cream and even light tan for their wedding dresses. This gives the whole energy of the wedding a beautiful vintage feel.

2. Black for the bridesmaids and groomsmen

Generally speaking, spring weddings use a lot of pastels, and this can look extremely beautiful as the flowers are blooming all around your wedding party. But many brides and grooms are deciding to go classic even with spring weddings that usually have a lot of color. Black for the bridesmaids and groomsmen is a truly classic look that will look great in pictures for decades to come.

3. Bright 60’s vibes

The trends of the 1960s seem to come back every year, and this year is no exception. Lime green, fuchsia pink, bold purple and sour lemon yellow are just a few of the exciting colors that brides and grooms are incorporating into their weddings this spring. You can go crazy with different colored bridesmaids gowns, or you can just dabble these bright colors throughout your decorations.

4. White everything

Again, there are no rules when it comes to weddings, so the bride can wear white or she can wear bright pink if she wants! Normally, weddings seem to put all of the white on the bride and maybe some on the groom as well, but everyone else needs to be in some sort of color. This year, some daring couples are deciding to use white everywhere so that it’s almost like the entire group is getting married! The effect is extremely bold, and the bride can always do something extra to make herself stand out.

5. Varied greens

Of all the colors, green is definitely the symbol of spring. Blooms, buds, grass and leaves are always green as we begin to come into spring every year. So with this in mind, it makes sense that a spring wedding would do well to incorporate all of these beautiful green ideas. The key here is not to use just one shade of green but to incorporate almost every shade of green imaginable for an absolutely gorgeous spread.