What to Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Wedding

After the wedding, women often wonder what to do with their wedding dress. They get it cleaned, and then it sits in the closet. There are many options to preserve or give your dress new life. Here are a few ideas on what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding:


  1. Save it:


One of the oldest traditions is preserving the dress and saving it for future generations. Sometimes your daughter may want to wear it as is, sometimes she may want to alter it to make it more her style, or it is possible she may not even want to wear it at all.


  1. Sell it:


If you know that you will not be wearing the dress again and perhaps need some extra money, you can sell your wedding dress at a discounted rate. There are a lot of brides that may not be able to afford a brand new full priced wedding gown, so you would be making someone’s day.


  1. Donate it:


If you don’t need the extra money and are just looking to help someone out, donate your dress to an organization that can help a bride in need. There are organizations that take in wedding dresses to help military members that cannot afford one, or there are places that take wedding dresses to sell and then they donate profits to organizations to benefit women.


There are even organizations that transform wedding dresses. For example, The Angel Gown® Program takes donated wedding dresses and coverts them into burial garments for babies that have passed on.


  1. Alter Gown:


Depending on the type of gown, there is a chance that alterations can be made so the wedding dress can be worn again in a new way. You can change the color of the dress with dye, shorten it, add straps – options are endless. It is easier to make these types of changes if the dress is fairly simple to begin with.


  1. Wear it again:


Many brides opt to wear their wedding gown again for a big anniversary or to renew vows with their spouse later on. It can be pretty neat fitting back into the dress after a few years and having another magical moment.


  1. Trash it:


Trashing the dress is a newer concept that has gained some popularity. Typically for a great photo op, brides have fun with location and props to get a memorable and dramatic photo. Some ideas are taking pictures in the ocean, having a paint fight with your spouse, or getting into a big mud puddle.


There are so many options on what you can do with your wedding dress after you tie the knot. Whether you want to save it for future generations or want to donate to those in need, your dress can continue to bring joy.