What Type of Building Frame is Right for Your Business?

Building frames are used in the profession of construction to give a building a particular shape. Building frames are usually made with wood or steel. There are many different types of building frames. The kind of building frame that you may chose may have something to do with what you are intending the building to be used for.

In addition to wood and steel, concrete is also a material that is used for framing. Concrete frames are very common in the construction industry. Concrete frames often include columns and beams that connect with each other. The columns and beams form grids that are on top of a foundation that is made of concrete. This kind of frame is used to hold up the floors, walls, and the roof of a building.

Another type of building frame is the space frame. Space framing is known for its flexibility. They are lightweight structures that are made by connecting many tubes of metal, which are usually steel or aluminum alloy tubes. Space frames are strong structures that are designed to withstand heavy loads. They are used in some commercial and industrial building structures.

Steel frames are a kind of building frame in which steel columns are organized in grids of rectangles. The steel grids are used to help support a building’s floors and walls, as well as the roof of a building. Steel frames are an often-used type of building structure. They are used in the construction of skyscrapers, industrial buildings, warehouses, and in residential buildings. Steel frames are very strong, lightweight, easily installed, high-quality, and resistant to wind and earthquakes. Steel frames can be made into many different shapes and they can be covered with many different types of materials.

Timber frames are made of wood and they consist of wood panels that form walls and floors. Timber frames often take the form of platform frames. Platform frames consist of timber panels that extend from the floor to the ceiling of a story or floor. The panels are attached to a deck, which can be the platform for another story or floor.

Portal framing is a kind of framing that extends from one area of support to another area of support. Portal frames are made with a number of different types of materials including steel, concrete, and timber. Portal frames have strong joints, which help this type of framing extend or span wide areas. Portal framing is used in warehouses, agricultural buildings, sports structures, factories, and some other types of buildings where a large, open area is intended.

If you are interested in having a custom building produced, it may be helpful to decide what kind of building frame you may want to use. When deciding on the framing, it may also be helpful to know what you want your building to be used for. Some types of building frames are more suited for certain types of building uses. Choosing the right type of building frame for your business may help make your business more successful.