5 Qualities to Look for When Choosing a New Lawn Mower

There’s nothing as refreshing as waking up to a well-manicured lawn. Seeing ‘perfectly’ leveled grass in your backyard is quite appealing to the eyes. It makes you realize the beauty that this world has to offer. Sometimes the sight can even motivate you to go to work or get something done around the house. The machine that makes all this possible is referred to as a lawn mower, and it is a must-have in most suburban homes. The machine tends to grow old the more you use it. Finding a good replacement may not be so easy. That’s why we have prepared this list of the 5 qualities that you should look out for as you buy the mower.

1. The Drive-Train 

The first thing that you look out for as you buy a new mower is the drive-train. If your yard is covered by less than 4000ft2 of grass, you should opt for the push lawn mower. However, if it has more grass cover, go for the self-moving mower. The self-propelling mower comes with two common drive options: front and rear drive. If your yard is flat, you should go for the front wheel drive mower because it allows more maneuverability. You can lift up the front wheels to turn it. On the other hand, if your yard is sloppy, go for the rear wheel drive mower because it won’t lose power going uphill.

2. Functionality

There are three ways that mowers clear the yard: by mulching the grass, throwing the clippings away from the mower, and putting the cut grass in a bag. If you want a good mower, choose one that has all these functionalities.

3. Filling Stations

Since your mower is likely to use gas for most of the movement and grass cutting, you have to find one that has the filling points conveniently located. You don’t want to buy a mower that annoys you every time you want to fill it up because you can’t remember where the tank is located.

4. Big wheels at the back

Another quality to look out for is big rear wheels. A lawn mower with such a feature can easily move through the toughest of surfaces without any worries.

5. Engine

This one comes last because it is the most important quality. The engine is what drives the mower and the cutting system. Therefore, you want to go for an engine that has more than 200cc for more power. You also want to go for a mower that has its valves located above the engine. Such a machine is quieter, consumes less gas, and doesn’t vibrate that much.

Hopefully, this guide will help you as you purchase a new mower. There are other things that you can consider like the drive control and air filters, but these ones are the most crucial ones. If you get these 5 things right, you will get a mower that will last for long without developing any mechanical problems.